About Me

JuniandjoeWelcome. My name is Joseph Dodds and I am founder and Sensei of the Dallas Dog Dojo. I have developed a new way to approach the art of dog training. The approach is inspired by the philosophies and guiding principles of the martial arts. It is meant to relay the importance of practice, discipline, and consistency. There is no one who gets better at something by doing it less. I believe that connecting each of you through a spiritual bond is the best way to achieve a lasting and mutual understanding with your dog. It is not from fear but from respect and understanding where I will find the means to train your dog.

In my experience, I have had many clients who have already attended training classes with minimal results. Mainly due to not following through with the instruction and not practicing. Others have the situation where the dog only performs for the trainer and not for them. Training dogs is the easy part; my focus is on teaching owners to teach their own dogs. It is not about needing a dog trainer, but becoming the dog trainer. By involving ourselves in our dogs learning process, we earn great respect. It is this respect that will allow you to be confident in your dogs abilities and yours.

First I show you that your dog is capable of being trained. Next, I show you that you are capable of training your dog, and finally I will help guide you with practices to broaden and strengthen the communication bond between dog and human. Thank you for your interests in the DallasDog Dojo. I look forward to meeting and working with you and your dog(s). – Sensei Joseph Dodds

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“The easy way is the hard way, and the hard way is the easy way” – Dalai Lama

If you have any questions regarding my process, or my business please call.

phone: 305-726-1774