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Guiding Principles








Trust: One must have faith in the potential goodness in your dog. In other words trust is the confident expectations of your dog. This is difficult to have for an untrained dog, hence the reason you seek information on dog training.

Respect: One must show regard or consideration for the experience of others.  You must have respect for what our dog may have to teach us. In turn you will earn your dog’s respect.

Humility: One must understand their own weaknesses and work hard to not let this weakness get in the way of teaching your dog what is right and wrong. Acknowledgement of your weaknesses and embracing such a truth one is able to grow.

Reverence: One must show appreciation for the tradition of training and teaching dogs. To hold respect for those teachings which give us greater connection to our dogs.

Forbearance: One must have tolerance and patience when teaching. Anger and retaliation are easy reactions, but we are willing to suffer this for the good that will prevail.

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