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Your New Puppy Deserves The Best…




If you are considering a new dog, and you are not sure what kind of dog to get, be careful, you may get more than you bargained for. Some breeds and personalities may not work well under certain circumstances. It is important to research breeds and always try meeting different types of breed mixes, say, at your local rescue organization.  This research will help you determine physical and mental requirements any given dog may require.  You can then narrow your choices, and get an idea of what you can and cannot offer in terms of these  mental and physical requirements.

The good news is there is a very great chance, couch potato or an athlete, there is a special dog out there that will make a good match with you. There are many things one should know when em-bark-ing on this journey of dog responsibility. At The Dog Dojo, we offer the knowledge and foresight to get started on the right path to having a respectful trustworthy companion. As well as guide you through all stages and phases of the dogs life in order to ensure that you and your dog(s) have a happy enjoyable relationship.

The best things to give our dogs, besides food and water, are steady excerpting, and the time and space to learn. The investment in training will give your dog a good understanding of  the the world,  in turn we gain the knowledge of how to work best with them and maintain a positive relationship. This gift of patience and dedication makes for a good dog that is able to act in a respectful manner when it counts.

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